For NSFW Friday - "Korrasami - Switched".


So Korra kind of hated the Avatar.

…did that make her a bad person?

It wasn’t like she was planning on bloodbending her into a steel box, or putting on a mask and making bloated speeches about EQUALITY. She just sort of…totally…hated…her.

A little.

It wasn’t even her fault! Avatar Aang was an airbender, so the new Avatar should have been born in the Water Tribe. Instead, years after the White Lotus shook their heads at Korra and moved on, this girl with rich, non-bending parents turns up waving all the elements around like it’s no big deal just because she has a little Northern Water Tribe from her mom’s side.

Seriously, what kind of Avatar couldn’t even get the cycles right?

Okay, so maybe that was a little petty, but after the new Avatar decided to train in the stupid North Pole and Master Katara flocked up there and put Korra’s training on hold for over a year, she thought she was entitled to a little grudge.

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Seeing a 22yo Asami looking so mature and stuff

somehow makes me sad

Idk. For some reason looking at her reminds me of Merlin and Arthur in that one modern!AU fic in which Merlin has one sided love for Arthur but Arthur marries Gwen and Merlin leaves England immediately after Arthur’s wedding. It takes years before they meet again.

Tl;dr: I’m sad and Korrasami somehow reminds me of those angsty Merthur fic and all these feels are everywhere.

I maybe posting things but, I don’t know

Still doing my works here, however much I can, and it’s so inconvenient if not difficult without a computer

Probably should shut up and go back to work.

On another unrelated note, I think my mum is suspecting me (more so than usual, anyway) and whenever I talk I have to watch my words because here that topic is not… tolerable.

AU where Asami is stuck in a Groundhog loop and she keeps reliving book 3 again and again until she falls in love with Korra and so the day before the confrontation with Zaheer Asami tries to talk Korra out of it to no avail. Asami then challenges Korra to a hand-to-hand spar/duel and if she wins Korra must not go or at least not alone. Asami manages to knock Korra down and Korra still can’t accept defeat because “I have to do this!” - to which Asami tearfully asks “Why don’t you understand?” and leans down to kiss Korra.

Korra arms move up to cover her face

"But… I’m still the Avatar."

Why doesn’t tumblr mobile have readmore/cut/whatever function when making a post

Or am I missing something

I’m listening to two steps from hell and john dreamer to calm my nerves

Epic music kind of has that effect on me which puts me to sleep easily. Much better than any other music.

I’m still upset about my laptop but
this helps, somewhat.

My laptop diesd exactly 7 days before book 4
On the day of the trailer being released

I’m missing out on so much stuff and discussions and hype and all that

My life just sucks so much right now

If korrasami isn’t canon or implied to be then all this suffering isn’t worth one bit.